Monday, March 24, 2014

The test results of men's jeans - dresses for girls

Levi would certainly today have withstood what for them has been requested at the time of the Wild West.
Unlike Levi's but other brands - Lee, William & Delving, Wrangler passed with flying colors.
May be said that they are level
Not the best performing brand HIS, the model showed only minor bugs. You must learn to accept user. "Perfect processing simply does not exist anymore," says Pert Byline.

Winner became men's jeans brand HIS 1490 crowns. Have the best overall ratings. Pants are almost error free processing is excellent. The material is durable and stable.
The test results of men's jeans
She did not test

Jeans Gassy purchased for 350 crowns in the market area are qualitatively quite the opposite pole than the winner. They exhibit a number of errors in processing.
Beware of the size!

Different countries have different standards and practices in the labeling of clothes.
Marking number
For finished products (especially for women) is a two-digit number half chest circumference in centimeters. For exactly the same size but are in different countries, different markings:

e.g. 38 (Germany, Netherlands), 40 (Belgium), 38 or 40 (France), 44 (Italy) 44/46 (Portugal and Spain) and 12 (Great Britain - information is in inches).v

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