Monday, March 24, 2014

Jeans’ and fashion - designer dresses pakistan

This applies, for example, tested jeans Gassy purchased in the market area for 350 crowns.
 Pants lack precise finish and little attention from the manufacturer. "

The seams are crooked, setting, some parts are badly cut and rewinding up," says designer Peter Byline.
Also selected material belongs to the lower class. It is unstable, after washing with fairly significant changes in the size or color shade lasts resist loads and fast way through. It is necessary to count on the fact that it will run in the wash.

"Generally, this is true for all denim products.but does not in this case no health risk," says Sativa Hoover of Textile Testing Institute in Brno. "Still, I recommend a new pair of jeans before using properly washed," he adds.

With a little bit of leniency
Even branded products are not without problems. Even if a person buys a pair of jeans to be two thousand, cannot rely on that will serve him who knows how long. Article resource by

After which actually produces may not desire. In poor light, for example, showed famous brand Levi Strauss, the test product is very average.
How to buy jeans

Women - at least once a year, 15% of women for men - at least once a year, 17% of men Source: It has several distinct errors, which the customer can wear much make you nervous.
Proportion an unbalanced model with visible and wrinkles

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