Monday, March 24, 2014

Fashion that changed history - high heels

Fashion that changed history
Levi, Martens, leather jackknife or classic white shirt If you are at home in the closet, and very probably will wear and your son For they are a legend
Levi's 501
The most classic of all classics
 Survived generations and fashion trends, and even somersault designers are not able to unseat the upper rungs of fashion.

Levi's 501 jeans are simply immortal.
They come from the workshop of Levi Strauss, which is made around 1872 for the miners in California. Strauss had no idea that his pants will become a fashion icon.
He and his tailor Jacob Davis were just trying to figure out durable work pants. "Weak" instead of pants, which is often torn, because as much stiffened

The lower part of die and begged the edges and corners of the pockets of solidified metal rivets. Pants get the product number 501

The next few years are really the main selling jeans for miners and cowboys.
 In World War II, however great features durable material discovered and American soldiers
A real breakthrough saw Levi, when they began to perform as a divine

 Elvis. His denim uniform, in which he sang his Jailhouse Rock, went down in history and ensure trousers undying popularity.

Pilot sunglasses Only a man who has spent the last twenty years on a desert island, could escape boyish smile Scientologist Cruise.

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