Monday, March 24, 2014

Military fashion clothing - casual shoes

Mode in Paris dominated the horror of war
Theme horrors of the First World War dominated the opening of the Paris haute couture shows for spring and summer 2010.

The designer Josephus Trimester, who after many years of break, returned to the fashion tip, try to look for beauty in combination with military fashion clothing pakistan fashion design

Designer with Russian, Belgian and French roots was inspired massacres of trench warfare, to robes in a simple style, in gold and silver, or fiery red cocktail dress added a sort of rough army hallmark.
 He added, therefore, military coats, satin sashes and sequestered headdresses decorated with fake bloodstains. pakistan fashion style

The atmosphere of the military world intensifies designer that is intermingled with the models on the catwalk mannequins that showed, for example, in the revised uniform of Russian Cossacks as expensive options.
Trimester dared to even greater eccentricity in the form of dresses of interwoven strips of gold or shell made from rescue film in which the model deliberately staggered as injured.Shows haute couture although officially began on Monday and is scheduled to last three days. Article resource by

Trimester but was given the opportunity to showcase their work as a sort of opening act, while he had to stick to strict criteria "guild", which he received as a guest among themselves. Practically, his actions also an intermediate step between endings parades of men's clothing and women's novice performing luxury fashion.

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