Monday, March 24, 2014

The history of fashion photography - casual dresses

 Without it possible to fully realize Photography plays a very important role in our lives since its inception.
It is an indicator of socio-political and social climate and captures the beauty ideal of the period. It becomes a full-fledged part of the culture and cultural traditions.Fashion Photography in the course of time became very prestigious, and an important part of photographic art.  casual dresses

By far it is not only to sell expensive clothes, as was the case in its infancy - is the medium for the shot artist who tells stories through her and take us to a fantastic sentence. Article resource by

World of fashion photography is also often associated with drugs, alcohol, scandal and various special human destinies. Indeed, it is an environment full of controversial personalities.
The fashion world is finally changing: more sizes going after Jacobs and Chanel. After years of effort, it seems that the fashion world is finally beginning to change.  Article submit by

Recently announced U.S. designer Marc Jacobs, that next season will offer models in sizes 42 and above. The same step in preparing the famous luxury department store Saks in New York. Article research by

On the third floor, which sells clothes very famous names, along with the new autumn collections will also unprecedented phenomenon?

Among the normal range of luxury models you will find here recently, sizes 40 and above.

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