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A self-proclaimed "fashion guru" - Latest Fashion Trends

With Nirvana came to their winning fashion campaign style grunge Thousands of teenagers and young men in the nineties began to dress in faded jeans, unbuttoned flannel shirts, torn sneakers and gave the world so ostentatiously showed up at him condescendingly cough.
Absolute necessity was the look that at first glance said: "I do not care how I look. I will arise and go."Martin Vanes Videos with MV here  pakistan fashion design

A self-proclaimed "fashion guru" Martin Vanes seriously threatens the health of adolescent girls! On his video blog frequently observed advises that the best diet is vomiting. Doctors are appalled.
"The ideal is 175 cm Weight 48 kg. This is standard. 48 and half pounds, it is not perfect.
A to reach that weight?, I help you. Forget the Pill and weight loss.
Helps you in that coffee spoon  Article resource by

You take a bite, you eat it, and it really washed down the meal and continues on then comes the teaspoon.
You can walk to the bathroom and shove a teaspoon in the neck.
Then what happens is that absolutely all the contents of the stomach, if properly wash down, throw them away.Article submit by

When someone is an idiot, of which we can develop a disease, but if you do it for the seventeenth hour, it should be fine.Month is ten pounds down! Article research by

 “Counseled young girls in his video gay young man with collagen mouth, who himself claims to be a fashion guru and owner of a modeling agency Martin Vanes - model agency.
Doctors are appalled - young women eager for her modeling career is easy to succumb to similar councils.

Heavy leather and virtually indestructible - ladies shoes

Heavy leather and virtually indestructible Dr. Marten’s boots
The company was established already in 1960 in the UK, but the real boom in its unmistakable shoes showed up in the second half of the seventies.
Leather outsole is strong and seems predestined for all rebels, or at least their imitations.
If you have ever in my life embarked rock, you have to admit that it was only with heavy getting the correct gauge  pakistan fashion design

White T-shirt
Although it was originally a piece of underwear, scarcely a popular menswear
White T-shirt classic style worn completely first American soldiers in World War II as comfortable cotton underwear pakistan fashion trends

Over time it has even begun to use the army as a standard part of their uniform. Still it was not just about underwear and wears it in public, it is as if a man came out just shorts.
Conservative taboo broke up Hollywood in the fifties.

From underwear has become a symbol of rebellious youth and one to his presentation did not throw more than James Dean.Article resource by

For the first time it appeared in the film Rebel without a Cause and looking at his manly chest wrapped in white cotton appropriately accompanied threadbare jeans and a leather jacket women fainted.
Moreover, when Dean killed at a young age in his Porsche 550, the legend of longer worth anything in its path Article research by

Flannel shirt"Where did you sleep last night?" whooped depressed Kurt Cobain with his greasy hair and it worked.

Narrow pants and leather jacket - kurta shalwar

Ten in Top Gun shirts girl's heart after tens of thousands, though his rough look for hidden broad-air spectacles lenses. Although the actual air mania glasses broke out after the Top Gun, their history is much longer.
Their shape invented in 1937 Ray Ban. Reportedly, it was because the soldiers and the boys from the Navy refused to wear classic sunglasses for ugly circles around the eyes.
A new type of aviation goggles should cover while the sun, but it does not lie close to the face - and thus eliminate the sharp transition between tanned and parts of the face.
From the era of harsh Tome air jacket with sunglasses on the permanent sun warms and every season to rediscover all fashion collections. Article research by

Narrow pants and leather jacket
When you started the band Sex Pistols, nobody in the world, perhaps even for a moment thought that would make their appalling become a fashion model.
Guys who looked like they behaved and usually were permanently stoned, dressed almost exclusively in the boutique Vivien Westwood. pakistan fashion style

Outfits inspired by sad-masochistic fashion, tons of nails, pins, rivets, badges and patches were certainly cannot overlook.Article resource by

And despite all the laws of nature, it became even fashion.
Although Johnny Rotten and his cronies looked at pants at least strange, skinny jeans and started wearing crooks thousands of other Marten sky

The punk movement also involves another phenomenon that an epidemic struck almost the entire northern hemisphere

Fashion that changed history - high heels

Fashion that changed history
Levi, Martens, leather jackknife or classic white shirt If you are at home in the closet, and very probably will wear and your son For they are a legend
Levi's 501
The most classic of all classics
 Survived generations and fashion trends, and even somersault designers are not able to unseat the upper rungs of fashion.

Levi's 501 jeans are simply immortal.
They come from the workshop of Levi Strauss, which is made around 1872 for the miners in California. Strauss had no idea that his pants will become a fashion icon.
He and his tailor Jacob Davis were just trying to figure out durable work pants. "Weak" instead of pants, which is often torn, because as much stiffened

The lower part of die and begged the edges and corners of the pockets of solidified metal rivets. Pants get the product number 501

The next few years are really the main selling jeans for miners and cowboys.
 In World War II, however great features durable material discovered and American soldiers
A real breakthrough saw Levi, when they began to perform as a divine

 Elvis. His denim uniform, in which he sang his Jailhouse Rock, went down in history and ensure trousers undying popularity.

Pilot sunglasses Only a man who has spent the last twenty years on a desert island, could escape boyish smile Scientologist Cruise.

The test results of men's jeans - dresses for girls

Levi would certainly today have withstood what for them has been requested at the time of the Wild West.
Unlike Levi's but other brands - Lee, William & Delving, Wrangler passed with flying colors.
May be said that they are level
Not the best performing brand HIS, the model showed only minor bugs. You must learn to accept user. "Perfect processing simply does not exist anymore," says Pert Byline.

Winner became men's jeans brand HIS 1490 crowns. Have the best overall ratings. Pants are almost error free processing is excellent. The material is durable and stable.
The test results of men's jeans
She did not test

Jeans Gassy purchased for 350 crowns in the market area are qualitatively quite the opposite pole than the winner. They exhibit a number of errors in processing.
Beware of the size!

Different countries have different standards and practices in the labeling of clothes.
Marking number
For finished products (especially for women) is a two-digit number half chest circumference in centimeters. For exactly the same size but are in different countries, different markings:

e.g. 38 (Germany, Netherlands), 40 (Belgium), 38 or 40 (France), 44 (Italy) 44/46 (Portugal and Spain) and 12 (Great Britain - information is in inches).v

Jeans’ and fashion - designer dresses pakistan

This applies, for example, tested jeans Gassy purchased in the market area for 350 crowns.
 Pants lack precise finish and little attention from the manufacturer. "

The seams are crooked, setting, some parts are badly cut and rewinding up," says designer Peter Byline.
Also selected material belongs to the lower class. It is unstable, after washing with fairly significant changes in the size or color shade lasts resist loads and fast way through. It is necessary to count on the fact that it will run in the wash.

"Generally, this is true for all denim products.but does not in this case no health risk," says Sativa Hoover of Textile Testing Institute in Brno. "Still, I recommend a new pair of jeans before using properly washed," he adds.

With a little bit of leniency
Even branded products are not without problems. Even if a person buys a pair of jeans to be two thousand, cannot rely on that will serve him who knows how long. Article resource by

After which actually produces may not desire. In poor light, for example, showed famous brand Levi Strauss, the test product is very average.
How to buy jeans

Women - at least once a year, 15% of women for men - at least once a year, 17% of men Source: It has several distinct errors, which the customer can wear much make you nervous.
Proportion an unbalanced model with visible and wrinkles

What are the jeans 21st century - designer dresses

There are one hundred and fifty years.
 Originally clothes for farmers and workers in the American Southwest, now a phenomenon that has no parallel in fashion
But what are the jeans 21st century?
Not totally flawless

From time to time casually cut, sometimes casually tailored, quality of material is lagging.
Tint underwear for everyday wear for them is not a problem. And endurance and resistance to fabrics strain can hardly speak also. pakistan dashion style

Even though it is possible, if the customer does not worry about small flaws get in the shops sturdy product, which will ensure comfort and convenience quality it does not waste

In the test, the editors MF Dnes was ten brands of men's classic blue jeans tested both in Textile Testing Institute in Brno and also underwent assessments fashion designer Petra Tylinka.
Products are scattered throughout the evaluation scal pakistan fashion design

 The results show that in addition to nicely developed products in American shops can naturefit the goods, which reminds rather than overalls quality textile products.

This fact is reflected especially in cases when a person decides to purchase in many popular supermarkets and mingles with market stalls.
The local products, although compared to branded models very cheap, you can get because of the quality only dream of.